Casa Bernabé – Veracruz

Casa Bernabé—Veracruz is a ministry of Verbo Christian Church on the western coast of Nicaragua. What began in Managua in 1985 relocated one year later to the small town of Veracruz (population 10,000), just outside the capital city. Casa Bernabé – Veracruz has grown from a handful of small, thinly walled, dirt-floor buildings to a fully functioning campus serving 47 orphaned, abandoned and neglected children from 6–18 years old.

The 35-acre property was acquired by Verbo Church in 1984 with the vision of establishing a working farm and independent educational campus where children in need could live and learn in a safe, loving environment. The children not only have their physical needs met, but also experience God’s love, helping them understand His plan for their life and their immeasurable worth in Christ. At-risk children identified by local pastors as being in physical or psychological distress are also welcomed to Casa Bernabé.

From 1991-92, Pastor Earl Bowie and his wife, Damaris, were directors of the Veracruz campus before returning to Earl’s hometown of Puerto Cabezas to continue serving with Verbo in new capacities. Heberto Ramirez and his wife, Ninoska Cruz-Ramirez, are the current Home Directors and lead under the supervision of Damaris.

Adjacent to the central buildings of Casa Bernabé are Verbo Church and Verbo School through which children receive a Christian education that includes classes in English, computer, music as well as vocational training programs. Upon graduation, youth go on to college or begin work in professional practices or trades where they can provide for themselves and make a positive contribution to the community.

(Casa Bernabé is named for the apostle Barnabas, characterized in Scripture by his integrity, encouraging spirit and generosity.)